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We offer speech therapy for the following..

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Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders speech language therapy, pediatric speech therapy, speech therapy for kids

  • Difficulty using language (expressive) to communicate thoughts and ideas (e.g., asking questions, creating grammatically appropriate sentences, labeling objects) or difficulty understanding (receptive) language (e.g., following directions, answering questions, identifying vocabulary). speech 

Articulation Disorder

  • Difficulty producing speech sounds, often leading to decreased speech intelligibility.  Articulation errors may involve the omission, substitution, or alteration of specific sounds.  An example of an articulation error includes "w" for "r" (i.e., "wabbit" for "rabbit").  An articulation disorder often involves errors that are produced past expected age.

Phonological Disorder

  • Involves patterns of sound errors.  Examples of phonological errors include velar fronting (i.g., "tar" for "car"), stopping (e.g., "toup" for "soup"), or cluster reduction (e.g., "top" for "stop").

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

  • Difficulty coordinating movements of the lips, tongue and/or jaw to produce sounds, syllables, and words.  Children with CAS often know what they want to say, but have difficulty executing their message.

Sensory-Based Feeding Difficulties

  • Difficulty with taste, texture, sight, and/or smell of food.  Children with sensory feeding difficulties may have a significantly limited variety of tastes and textures in their diets.  Maladaptive behaviors around mealtimes may cause frustration for both the child and family.

Pragmatic Language Issues

  • Difficulty using language appropriately in social situations.  Examples of pragmatic language skills include: appropriate eye contact, facial expressions, body language, greetings, and topic initiation and maintenance.

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